Making your Roblox Game How do you make a Roblox game work?

How do you make a Roblox game work?

By Meaxis • Published on 2023-02-27 • No edits

You may have got to the building part of your game? Congratulations! Now, let's get to the scripting part. Indeed, to make your builds animate, your NPCs speak, and your world come to life, you'll need scripts, especially in 2023, with the higher standard of quality for the internet! Let's go over a few and try to get you started.

Use the Toolbox's models

While they're not the perfect solution, you can use the Toolbox's models to get started. Make sure to look over these key elements before inserting a toolbox model into your game, as they may be unsafe!

Before you insert a model from the Toolbox, Roblox will inform you with a pop-up like this.

A prompt from Roblox Studio telling the user the number of scripts and whether they want to insert the model.

We strongly disrecommend checking "Do not show this again"! Always compare the number of scripts with functionality before adding your model. If your model has more scripts than it should have (decoration or buildings shouldn't have too much scripts), then press cancel. That'll prevent the model from being added, and therefore spreading any damage.

If everything's good, press "Okay". Your model will now appear, and you can place it around freely. Test it by pressing "Play" on the top navigation bar. If it has the functionality you like, keep it as is! Otherwise, you can get rid of it by hitting Ctrl + Z (or pressing the "Undo" arrow on the top left).

Learn scripting

Do you want to make your own thing? Then start to learn scripting! Roblox's embedded scripting language, Lua, is made to be easy and simple, even for beginners. You can look at the Tutorial Page to find out official Roblox-made tutorials about scripting.

You can also learn from trusted YouTube sources, such as AlvinBlox! Those tutorials, albeit sometimes a bit old, provide plenty of help to start learning the basics.

Still confused? Ask for help on the Roblox DevForum, and the community will answer you!

Hire a scripter

Can't do it yourself, yet need something tailored to yourself? Hire a scripter! A scripter can usually go from as low than 1,000 robux, but up to hundreds of thousands of robux depending on what you need made! You can hire Roblox scripters, Roblox builders and more on the Roblox Official Talent Hub, and either set a job offer detailing what you need or look at people's profiles and offer them work!


In 2023, making a Roblox game takes experience, and sometimes even, a team. You can also comb through your friends or circle for people passionate to join you in your project, or simply use stuff made by the community. If you're courageous, however, you can learn by yourself! Finally, if you've got resources, you can hire someone to do the job for you. Plenty of options offer themselves to you to grow your game on the Roblox platform.